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3 Things You Should Consider Before Jumping Ship in 2020

No matter you are working hard or hardly working, it’s time to think about your career goal in 2020. If you plan to jump ship, some preparation is essential. You might want to check out the hottest jobs in the market, the average salary, and what company they are. 

Hiring Trend in 2019

The report of Hired’s 2019 State of Software Engineers report, released in March by Hired, the tech hiring website has revealed the top 9 of the most in-demand IT jobs in the market today according to a survey to 98,000 programmers using their platform. 

The top 9 are shown in this graph. It includes the Blockchain Engineer, Security Engineer, Embedded Engineer, and Data Engineer, etc.

demand for engineering
demand for engineering

Among the nine hottest jobs, demands for data analysis and machine learning continue to grow. The demand for data engineers has increased by 38%, ranking the fourth. 

From the big picture, you can see the market demands for blockchain engineers grows the fastest, reaching 517%. Although the demand is high, salaries still lag behind the first place.

What is the Highest-Paid Tech Job in 2020

In August, Robert Half, a recruitment agency, surveyed a random sample of 2,800 tech workers at various companies in the San Francisco bay area. Based on current salaries and market demand, they released a salary guide.

data science

The guide showed that data scientists earn the highest salaries in the future. Their skills, such as software engineering, data analysis, database development, mathematics, and statistics will help companies make more accurate business decisions in the future.

An entry-level data engineer has a salary median of $183,300, whereas a senior engineer can make $313,020 as an average salary.

Best Company to Work For in 2020

Data analysis and data science have unlimited future prospects, so the important question comes. What are some of the best companies in the bay area to offer such high-paying jobs?

A data extraction software, such as Octoparse, can help you crawl all the public information and data on the Indeed and Glassdoor. For example, it identifies jobs associated with big data vacancy and collects who employ the most data-related jobs. According to the data extraction and consequential analysis, Google has the 6th highest number of data jobs in the United States with 904 data related employees.

Looking back at the data from 2019, there is so much you can learn from it. If you are excited to start a data-related job, data extraction definitely is a mandatory skill.


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