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Top 20 Business Intelligence (BI) Tools in 2020

Business intelligence (BI) is a set of technologies to transform raw data into useful information that help businesses make profitable actions. To achieve this goal, people use business intelligence tools to access and analyze data sets and present the analytical findings in easy-to-understand formats such as dashboards, graphs and charts. In this article, I’ll highlight the 20 best BI tools that can bring valuable insights to your organization.


Board is an all-in-one platform that combines BI, corporate performance management and business analytics. It provides a multilingual package for companies to deliver reports in many languages.


Unlike most BI tools that need multiple clicks to management data, MicroStrategy is a quick and zero-click analytics tool. Hover your cursor on the highlighted texts and you will get essential information. It’s also an easy to access BI platform with a desktop app and mobile app. 

IBM Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics is an AI-fueled BI platform that supports the entire analytics process, from uploading data, visualizing data to sharing insights with your coworkers. It also has a wide array of analysis features including what-if analysis, advanced analysis, analytical reporting, and trend analysis.


Tableau makes data visualization fairly easy: with its drag-and-drop functionality, you can build your analytics charts without having to understand the data structure. Check out this article to learn how to use Tableau to visualize the progression of the coronavirus outbreak.  

coronavirus progression in Tableau Tableau Dashboard

Oracle Business Intelligence

Built by another tech giant, the Oracle Business Intelligence platform enables key decision-makers to find answers to statistical questions. With its advanced functions such as interactive dashboards, operational reporting, content and metadata search, users can reduce the overall cost and increase the return on investment for their organization. 


Domo combines BI, data warehouse, data discovery, data visualization, reporting and collaboration all into one place. It connects data throughout your enterprise, and you can extract, transform and load (ELT) in the engine. In addition, you can use it on your mobile.

SAP Business Objects

SAP Business Objects is a reporting and analytics BI that allows users to build predictive analysis models to predict marketing trends. The products cover fields including ERP and Finance, CRM and Customer Experience, Network and Spend Management, Digital Supply Chain, HR and People Engagement. With its diverse online training courses and certification, students of different levels are provided with a wide range of options to fit their business needs.  


WebFOCUS BI was developed by Information Builder. It allows users to create dashboards in various formats, generate reports and share the results with collaborators.


As a self-service data discovery product, Qlik closes the gap between raw data and actionable insights. They build a data integration platform to let enterprise users connect dozens of data sources with Qlik, including Azure SQL Database, Microsoft SQL Server, Google BigQuery, etc. Users can take advantage of AI-powered analytics to generate business insights by themselves or contact their Data-as-a-Service team for consulting and education.

QlikView Dashboard


SAS BI provides real-time analytics for large business owners to monitor metrics and design interactive reports. The platform’s features include a customizable dashboard, trend forecasting, data source connectors, ad-hoc analysis and many more. 

Tibco Spotfire

Tibco Spotfire can visualize data like sales and customer service information to identify trends and patterns. With predictive analytics, you can anticipate what’s coming next. It is perfect for both data scientists looking to scale up their data research and business owners with no data expertise. Users can set their own KPI and send alerts to mobile phones.

Panorama – Necto

Necto is a telecom specific solution from Panorama, which integrates artificial intelligence and machine learning technology. It can connect with any network and transform CSP’s data into actionable insights. You can set to receive notifications for KPI, which is convenient for decision-makers to monitor their business metrics. 

Microsoft SQL Server

First released 30 years ago, SQL Server is a relational database management system supporting many languages and operating systems. Developed by Microsoft, it is an all-in-one platform that provides analysis services, integration services, master data services, reporting services, etc. 


Speaking of embedded analytics, Izenda is another industry-leading BI platform that allows customers to focus on their core product, gain a competitive edge, and generate additional value. You can access Izenda via a browser or mobile device.  


Sisense was honored as the Best BI in the 2018 Supreme Software Award. With its drag-and-drop function, you can turn data into understandable graphs and charts smoothly. They have helped companies in healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, retailing, digital marketing, travel and hospitality, and more to derive insights from data. Some of their famous customers include Motorola and Philips. 



As a good analytics tool for startups, Statsbot works with raw data from hundreds of sources such as Redshift, BigQuery. It transforms the data and generates charts and reports on dashboards. On top of that, you can connect it with any data source for free.


Birst is a cloud BI and analytics platform that provides sales analytics, marketing analytics, supply chain analytics, networked BI and embedded BI for its customers. It is used in many IT scenarios include enterprise analytics, governed data discovery, analytics for Hadoop, etc. 


TARGIT ranked #1 in BI survey 18 in terms of mobile BI and embedded BI. It is great for airport management. TARGIT is capable of managing all the information from flight numbers, PAX numbers, to delays and cancellations. 


Yellowfin not only shows customers the change of data, but also let them know why it changes. It is an analytics platform dedicated to solving enterprise analytics challenges. It is mainly composed of signals, dashboards, stories, data discovery, and data prep. What’s more, you can embed it into your application.


Founded in 1996, InetSoft is a pioneer in business intelligence. It enables on-the-fly data preparation and integration as well as provides quick and iterative data view dashboards. 

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