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Best Amazon Seller Tools for Newbies in 2020

On Amazon, its pretty easy for everyone, including newbies to create his/her business to generate high-level and regular income in a short time. No doubt, this is especially true when it comes to Amazon FBA tools which are able to level-up the revenue of your business.

We can locate lots of Amazon FBA seller tools with Google search, but most of those arent for the newbies. This list below is to help a newbie to build a successful Amazon business from the beginning.

SellerApp is a data analytics and intelligence tool enabling sellers to make smart decisions about their businesses on Amazon. This tool is packed with technology, data, and education. SellerApp is a professional suite that comes with some cool features like Amazon sales estimator, PPC Analyzer, Listing Quality checker, and more.

Basically, there are two versions of this tool, self-service and managed service.

The self-service option will allow you to access their easy-to-understand interface. You can get relevant, real-time results to enhance your organic search position on Amazon. Besides, their managed services include Listing optimization service and Amazon PPC Management service. 

If you want to increase your discoverability and desirability of your listings, look no further, SellerApp’s listing optimization service is your apt choice. Additionally, with SellerApp PPC Agency, you will get a dedicated account manager who works with you from start to end to optimize your Ad campaigns and maximize ROI.  


SellerApp’s PPC Analyzer will provide you granular control over your ad campaigns. This feature is the right choice if you want to reduce your wasted ad spend and increase overall profitability.

Profit Dashboard will give you a glimpse of your sales profits and inventory management with zero manual intervention. You can identify the right set of products which enable you to maintain high profit margin and low costs. This is the best way to automate your Amazon business operations.

Overall, this is a product that gives you precise insights and lets you make informed decisions to grow your business. If you want to give it a try, the 7-day free trial is the perfect way to test this sellers’ tool.

SellerApp is one of the most affordable tools available for Amazon sellers. There are 3 variants available. The basic price starts from $99/month and can be customized further. Their PPC managed service starts from $699/month.

RepricerExpress is an automated Amazon repricing tool that allows sellers to automatically price their listings competitively so they can sell more items and win more Buy Box without having to closely monitor their accounts.

With RepricerExpress, Amazon merchants have reported a significant increase in sales while saving more hours that they can use elsewhere. RepricerExpress is an Amazon Technology Partners and listing on the Marketplace Appstore within Seller Central. Start your free 15-day trial today, no credit card required.



  • RepricerExpress helps sellers win sales and the Amazon Buy Box at the best possible price.
  • Grow your Amazon business with automated instant repricing.
  • All features are available on all plans and the free 15-day trial.
  • Decide who you want to compete against with customised pricing rules.
  • Control your pricing strategies by setting minimum and maximum prices for each listing.
  • Auto-detect long-term storage fees, price wars and low stock on Buy Box winners.
  • Easily link your Amazon and eBay prices.
  • Integrate with your favourite ecommerce tools such as SKU Grid, E-com Solutions and OA Genius.
  • Top customer support via phone, email and live chat.

As for the price of RepricerExpress, Plans start at £39 per month/$55 per month which includes all features and instant repricing.

PPC Entourage simplifies Amazon PPC by allowing sellers to see and manipulate their data in an intuitive interface, and provides tools for lowering ACoS and expanding revenue, such as automation and bulk campaign editing.


  • Auto Pilot: Complete automation of your campaigns, from bid adjustments, to mining search terms for new keywords, to adding negatives, and even for automating product targeting.
  • Bulk Optimizer: Find the best and worst performing aspects of all of your campaigns at once. No need to go through each ad group looking for problems.
  • Index Checker & Organic Rank Tracker: Our Chrome Extension (free with any software subscription) allows users to track organic position and even check indexing for individual keywords or sections of their listing.

PPC Entourage offers 4 plans, 1-5 SKUs: $47/mo, 6-21 SKUs: $97/mo, 22-52 SKUs: $147/mo, Unlimited SKUs: $247/m. All plans come with a 14 day free trial.

AMZAlert is dedicated to bringing you the best in Amazon product monitoring. The software gives you the ability to respond instantly to scammers, hijackers, bad reviews, and more. The peace of mind that Amazon monitoring provides is invaluable. AMZAlert will send you instant email and text notifications so you can take immediate action to remedy issues. No more losing sales over night due to not having the buybox! Be notified instantly for every negative or positive review that comes on your product. Always know where your product is ranking for keywords and BSR.

AMZ Alert


  • Amazon Product Listing Alerts
  • Amazon Review Alerts
  • Amazon Sales/Marketing Alerts
  • Business Automation

The pricing starts at $20/month!

CASHCOWPRO includes all the features a seller needs to run & grow his Amazon business, from automatic messaging for feedback to keyword tracking.



  • Sales Dashboard: Check the key sales metrics of each SKU and truly know your profit. Adjust your product strategy accordingly based on solid facts.
  • Keyword Rank Tracking: Track the organic rank of your keywords and see how the changes you made affect your rankings.
  • A&B Split Test: No more guesswork, automatically test your listing optimization ideas and see what actually works.

It offers $49.7 a month or $497 a year with a 10-day free trial. Cancel anytime.

From small family businesses to large international companies, Price2Spy is an online price monitoring, price comparison and repricing service used by clients from all over the world.

A highly-specialized online tool, Price2Spy is based on 4 main mechanisms (price comparison, price change alerts, pricing analytics, and repricing), it provides essential aid – both in everyday pricing operations (an email alert each time it detects a price or availability change) and in strategic decision-making. Users are offered both pricing acquisition as well as multiple reporting mechanisms for analyzing data.

With advanced features like B2B price checks (prices protected by username/password), in-cart price capturing and stealth IP monitoring, it represents a state-of-the-art solution when it comes to price monitoring.

Price2Spy is capable of monitoring websites that are built to shield off monitoring applications (i.e. Amazon). You can virtually see the pricing of your competition even if their websites don’t want to be monitored.

The Repricing module enables you to define your own pricing strategies identifying which products can go up / down in price, and get these prices changed in your online store.

There is little to be done from your end in order to get the system up and running. Price2Spy offers tutorials, demos, and online support to help users along the way.

  • Unlimited number of competitors / sites to monitor
  • Price (or even stock level) change alert emails
  • Dynamic pricing and repricing
  • Powerful reporting mechanism
  • Bot-aware site monitoring
  • MAP features
  • B2B, login-required site monitoring
  • Capturing additional product information
  • Mobile-friendly
  • API integration
  • Unlimited customer supports
Price2Spy offers a large number of price plans for any needs starting from 19.95 USD / month. Price plans are based on the number of product URLs to be monitored and the features required. Last but not least, a 30 day free trial is available for anyone who desires to test the tool. To learn more about Price2Spy’s pricing plans and compare them, please visit the following page:
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